On our way up to East Glacier, we stopped  at this waterfall.  Normally, just a trickle it was roaring full-bore due to the melting snow higher up.P1150839


There was enough water that there were two arms to the waterfall… P1150841 P1150842

Below the falls in the moist soil were these beautiful white trillium in full bloom… P1150844 P1150847-Edit P1150852-Edit

Two Dog Flats



Every time we pass Two Dog Flats in Glacier Park, we always think we should see elk grazing peaceably by the aspens.  In all the years we have been driving past this spot we have never seen anything; elk, deer, bear, coyotes, etc…IMG_0855

Then one day last year, we went driving on by and we had to stop… Whoa, stop…Elk!IMG_0851IMG_0821 IMG_0829 IMG_0831 IMG_0839