This male grizzly was wondering from berry bush to berry bush as he tries to put weight on before the snow flies…IMG_0966-Edit-Edit-Edit


4 thoughts on “Grizzly…

  1. Thanks for the great pictures. Montana is an amazing place to take pictures. I could not find a picture of a wolf or mountain lion here. I am curious if you have not had the opportunity to see them or photograph them?

      • I am guessing that the mountain lion did not go on a rampage and kill all of the sheep at once. I am sure it’s frustrating. I live in Hawaii but I grew up there. I have a house on the Thompson River. The Big Horn sheep hang out around our place. In all my years and all my wandering around Glacier Country I only caught a glimpse of one Mountain Lion when I was about 7 years old. I did see a wolf in July and I did get a picture of him. It’s not the best picture but seeing the animal was a suprise to me. Growing up in the area without wolves around makes it seem a little scary when you do see them or hear them. It doesn’t seem natural when you aren’t used to it. Anyway, thanks for the reply and the pictures. I hope your mountain lion finds somewhere else to dine.

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